Gavin Smith-Teaser
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At the age of 16 Jeff left home and moved to London to go to Brunel University with guitarist from Deadline - Matt Barwell. Jeff has played in several band and duo projects over the past 10 years and met drummer Gav Smith in the band Liquid Shotgun during 2006. Gav roped Jeff into Teaser during 2008 to finally bring an end the bands long search for a new singer.
Jeff has been singing since the tender age of 6 and always featured in the School choir throughout his early school life.

At the age of 11 Jeff decided to look for like minded friends/musicians who shared his love for rock music and started a band.  Jeff performed his first gig at a local youth centre and never looked back. The band (Deadline) started to get a reputation and lots of local interest and picked up pub gigs around East Kent for 4 years.
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